Clearcase plugin for Eclipse  v.1.0

Provides a ClearCase plug-in for the eclipse development environment.

Krakatau Essential Project Manager  v.2.0

Krakatau Essential PM, the latest addition to the Power Software range of professional software metrics tools.


Athlant Personal Edition  v.2 4

Athlant is a fully integrated into Delphi/BCB source control expert. It supports such systems as: SourceSafe, ClearCase, StarTeam, Source Integrity, Perforce, TeamConnection, CS-RCS, QVCS, PVCS, CVS, Team Coherence, CM Synergy, AllChange, Code Co-op,

QuickRev  v.1.6.0

QuickRev is a code review tool which supports formal code review processes for Subversion and ClearCase controlled files.

Visual Build Professional

Visual Build Pro is a tool that enables developers, software process engineers, and build specialists to create an automated, repeatable process for building their software. Visual Build provides built-in support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET/2005,

000-630 Free Pass Sure Exam

The IBM 000-630 exam products are designed to maximize your learning productivity and focus only on the important aspects that will help you to pass your exam.We will provide you with exam questions and verified answers,with detailed


The purpose of this application is to ease the process of programming ClearQuest Designer's state transitions matrix for change requests. UML2ClearQuest can export UML state charts to ClearQuest Designer, which makes for a simple visual design process.

ProjectTracker for MS Project

'ProjectTracker for MSP Server 2003 & 2007' MS Project and MSP Server and ClearQuest integration module. This tool is registered as the V.A.P-solution in IBM. State-of-art MS Project (Project Server 2003 & 2007) and IBM Rational ClearQuest integration

Kdiff3  v.1.0

KDiff3 is a program that: -compares or merges two or three text input files or directories, -shows the differences line by line and character by character (!

M2 RegX  v.1 1

It is designed to help the end user interactively learn Perl Compatible Regular Expressions. This tool is designed to help RSM end users design User Defined Quality Notices for RSM.

SourceConneXion for Delphi 7  v.

SourceConneXion provides a Delphi, Borland Developer Studio and C Builder IDE integration for all SCC API compliant source control products (Including SourceOffSite, StarTeam, PVCS, Serena VM 8, Perforce, Surround SCM, CVS (With PushOk CVS Proxy), Su

M2 Information  v.2 11

This program is free to download and use. It is designed to help the end user determine their system information. The output window can be selected and copied/pasted into a document or email.

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